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In House Design for Quick Turnaround Times

The first step of any laser cut part is having a solid design. Whether you have previously designed work from which you can provide us with drawings or need a little help putting your own design together, we do all our design and laser programming in house.

Using various CAD software and laser nesting programs, we set out the final layout of your parts, factoring in a multitude of variables, such as sheet yield efficiency, material finish, part tolerance, and on our stainless sheets, even grain direction. By keeping this work in-house, we continue to keep turnaround times low, and if we need clarifications the person you’re speaking to will be directly involved in the process and not just a middleman.

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Although we do not offer engineered drawings for your more technical designs, we often work directly with engineers or their prints to make sure our parts are within specifications and will get the job done for you. These design elements can range from simple 2D “sketch” style layouts (we can provide you with PDF drawing files to obtain final confirmations before cutting begins, reducing material waste and time) to 3D-modeled multi-part assemblies, which ensures that the part you’re looking for will fit and interact correctly with the rest of the job.

The design phase is also the perfect time to factor in additional services like bending or welding on the parts that will take on a third dimension. Send us your drawings, or parts requests today, and our sales team will work with you to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

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